About the Artist

David’s first formal instruction in painting came by way of weekly group art lessons while in elementary and middle school. Those early years were spent learning the potential and challenge of using oils and watercolors. His instructor at the time was an accomplished painter of florals and landscapes. Her early tutelage made an impression that can be seen in David’s work. The smell of turpentine still takes him back through time.


His high school art classes provided the next leap forward in technique and growth as an artist. With classic rock as a soundtrack, countless hours were spent on drawing, sculpting, and painting in the high school studio. A new freedom of expression and an appreciation for texture and emotion, qualities that can be seen in his high school teacher’s work, found their way into David’s paintings.

Academic pursuits in college afforded him the opportunity to study both science and the arts. This balance between order and unrestrained creativity can be perceived in his work. Even his most daring paintings often display a certain symmetry. David’s paintings, whether abstract or more literal, feature a noticeable texture.

A very intentional tactile invitation is extended. Vibrant color choices and varied surface treatment gives his work unique perspective from different vantage points. Primarily acrylic on canvas, his work also incorporates oil, watercolor, charcoal, pastels, and other media to create depth and interest.

David lives in his hometown of Omaha with his wife and three children.

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