About the Artist


David attended weekly art lessons in elementary and middle school where he learned foundational techniques in drawing and painting with watercolors and oils. His instructor was an accomplished painter who had an affinity for the natural world. David benefited further from secondary and post-secondary classes that were taught by artists who had a flare for dramatic and abstract compositions. His unique style emerged from these influences. David’s work has been exhibited in art shows, commercial spaces, galleries, and private homes in the region. 

David lives in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska with his wife and three children. 

Artist Statement

Vivid color and dramatic texture are hallmarks of my work. My abstract paintings strike a balance between intentional placement and accidental blending of color. I use varied paint application techniques to create depth and interest from different angles. Even when painting more natural subjects like flowers, trees, or landscapes I still employ tactile elements and bright “pops” of color.